Clever Holidays products

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas with "a-beer-a-day" on its way.

With six weekends until Christmas we're excited that the rest of the world is taking the time to sit back and enjoy a drink or two. It's the time of year when it doesn't matter what the weather forecast is because it's the best time to grab a drink and catch up with an old friend. If you're on the Australian side of the globe I suspect the warm weather is kicking in and you'll start carrying a bottle opener in your pocket or an eski/cooler in the boot of your car. If you're on the North-America side, you might be joining us with an abundance of bottle openers or twist cap wines to keep warm or dilute political emotions.

It's also the time of year when your online store needs to be looking sharp, clear and updated.

However standing out from the crowd, especially during the silly season, can always be a challenge. We've spotted three companies who are standing out in a very clever way.

Mikkeller, an Outshinery client and microbrewery based in Copenhagen, have their annual Advent Calendar Julepakkekalender. Their box includes 24 craft beer surprises best for treating a loved one or getting psyched for the lead up to Christmas.

Central City Brewers + Distillers and Parallel 49 Brewing Company have teamed up again this year with their craft beer calendar 'Seasons Greetings 24-Pack'. A mix of year-round and seasonal favourites in a festive box that we're sure will keep your spirits high!

New District, a BC company know for their local and international selection of wines online have curated an exceptional Advent Calendar including 25 bottles of wine. Each wine varies in style, origin and value with some bottles included valued at $100. Unfortunately though you'll have to wait till next year as this product has already sold out. Though you can still see what the lucky early bird buyers got as they reveal each bottle, day by day, on their website.

Let these examples inspire you!
It is never too late to shine.

We're not saying you should run out and make an Advent Calendar... but it's definitely a good time to start remembering the top shopping moods of your customers!

  • Make sure your stock inventory is correct and can handle the demand. 
  • Start engaging customers online with social media. Nothing better than a little tease that something special is coming!
  • As always, use sharp imagery to put your best foot forward... and if you're asking yourself why your bottle shots don't look great, remember that we've got a free first shot on us right here.