We rise

This has been a week of strong feelings. Being a group of entrepreneurs and self-starters, the only way we know to cope with it all is to act. We won't be sharing our five bullets this week, we will share this one: 

To give

Give your time: 

  • Call your family
  • Call a friend
  • Volunteer at your local community kitchen 
  • Watch your neighbor's kids/pets
  • Recycle and compost aggressively

Give your attention: 

  • Put the phone away and listen.
  • Put the phone away and talk.
  • Put the phone away and read to a child. Not just your own but also others, because only 52% of children are read to on a daily basis.
  • Put the phone away and people watch. Embrace the beauty of all the differences among people around you. It's so easy to feel humble and fortunate.
  • Get informed and be active in your local government.

Give your money: 

Whatever is within your comfort zone and means, giveā€”it all counts. Through actions, we rise.

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