Sparkke for change

There's a group of Aussie women brewing social change in the form of a 375ml can. Sparkke is a socially conscious start-up craft brewery raising awareness and funds for important social issues through beer, cider and wine.

As a fellow Aussie and fan of the "#girlboss" inside us all, our team are giving a huge shout out by bringing attention to their cause. When it comes to shock value this power house team have literally sparked a fire in the 4 billion dollar beer industry. Their product is driven by a desire for social change, currently headlined in their first four products. With approx. AU$63,053 raised and 10 days to go it's time to jump on board. 

Sparkke's line up of natural alcoholic beverages

Sparkke's line up of natural alcoholic beverages

And their mission doesn't stop at the can. Using as a platform for collaboration, Sparkke is inviting people who donate $30 of more to then design their own can. The most loved designs will then go into production and so chain reaction continues!

Join us for a drink towards a better future and donate/collaborate here


- PS the images above are not by Outshinery but we're giving this project a big thumbs up!