3 Tips for Valentines

The highly anticipated Hallmark holiday is quickly approaching! Review our marketing checklist and use our handy tips to promote your brand.

Here are 9 action-steps we recommend. Follow the ones that suit you the most and celebrate sweet success next month!

1- Use seasonal images

Seeing is believing: set the scene for romance, place your product in your customers' minds. If you've got an eye for styling, a set, camera and tripod on hand you'll want to make a shot that says "be my Valentine". Use props like flowers, candy, table decor or wine glasses amongst your product to make the customer want to replicate the scene... 

Sounds like a ton of work AND expensive? You would be right and we hear you! That's why at Outshinery we opted for a different execution entirely: welcome to the boundless possibilities of digital imagery, explore perfectly curated collection of images in which you can place your bottles. 

Nobody would even realize that the images were created entirely online and that you never had to leave your desk to achieve such dramatic results. Browse our Romance Collection and choose your Valentine decor.

Outshinery's peonies shot from the  Romance Collection

Outshinery's peonies shot from the Romance Collection

Place the evocative images onto your website.
Just like a Valentines themed store window, your homepage should have a banner image or headline post that let your customers know you are ready for Valentines. Hiring Outshinery for the occasion, Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards proudly displays the perfect gifts for that special someone.

2 - Appeal to your customer's individuality

Target customer segments with your newsletter. 
Did you know that your email marketing provider (like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact) let you easily segment your mailing list into specific categories? Separate your subscribers depending on location, orders= history or gender for starters. 

With men spending an average of $104 in 2015 for Valentines¹, why wouldn't you take advantage and let them know what their loved one really wants for Valentines! ;)

Pair your product with chocolate to set the scene. Image from  Outshinery's Romance Collection

Pair your product with chocolate to set the scene. Image from Outshinery's Romance Collection

Create a themed shopping guide.
Take the frustration out of the gift selection and make your product the right choice for the occasion. Here are some examples we can think of:

  • His and hers
  • Perfect together
  • Say it with bubbles
  • For the sweet tooth lover

Target readers with specific blog posts.
Keeping in mind the customers segments you created for your mailing list, write content with the same people in mind and see it drive traffic to your site. Why not try "Top Valentines gifts for your man" or "If she loves light red wines".

Show off your product range.
Utilize your product images and group shots to show your customers your entire range. Chances are if they love your red they'll be inclined to purchase your white too! 

Promote "last-minute gifts" to your locals
When time is of the essence customers will do whatever it takes to make their significant other happy. Even if it means spending an extra $50 on a wine that can be delivered on time! Engage via email and social media to tell your delivery times and top wines for this Valentines for the consumer in the area.

Consider an online promotion
For your price sensitive customers you might want to offer a monetary discount or Valentines Package that adds value to their gift!

3- Be social! Don't just post... engage!

So now that you've followed all the steps above (HUGE hi-five by the way!), it's time to engage on social media. Check out your top followers accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to discover the trending hashtags. Pay close attention to the comments not just on your social feeds, but also on your established "competition".  Individually respond to all the people that commented on your post, and suggest then your product as much as you can. 

We'll leave you with some wise words from one gorgeous Canadian:

“I don’t expect success. I prepare for it”
— Ryan Renolds, actor

You can do this!

Lucy Armstrong