Improve your Email Marketing with Vin65

Freshen up your email marketing with for-purchase, responsive email templates, built for Vin65’s email tools.

We've teamed up with Vin65 to make your emails stand out in your customers’ inboxes. If you're a Vin65 member you can access these template today (or request a demo)! Choose from stock imagery or custom bottle shots. Take a look at the templates below, whether you’d like stock or custom imagery, and upload your logo. We’ll do the rest!

Each template package includes two designs (optimized for V2.1 Emails). Click through the 'Get Started' buttons to select what color theme you would like applied and what imagery options you would like to choose.

Your Template Options:

  • Template Charlotte
    Highlight your store sale, customer favorites and current promotions.

  • Template Clementine
    Send out a newsletter to promote your shop sale and any special events or promotions.

  • Template Maeve
    A simplistic email to showcase a single sale, promotion or product.

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