Bottoms up with these boozy boxes

'Tis the season to be jolly and get your picture-perfect product under your customer's tree. And what says happy holidays better than a box of their favorite brew or wine?

We've listed our top boozy Advent Calendars to inspire you and your holiday gifting. If you too want to encourage adults to swap their traditional chocolate boxes, put a reminder in your calendar for early next year to start working on one of your very own!

Central City Brewers + Distillers and Parallel 49's Great White Wonder Adventure pack of 24 winter beers

This advent calendar includes 12 red racer and 12 parallel 49 brewing beers.

Purchase in-store or at



The Pit Stop's Gin Calendar

This clever calendar includes a countdown of tonics. There’ll be brands such as Fever Tree and Fentimans, as well as Double Dutch, Bottlegreen, London Essense and Franklin and Sons.

Purchase online here


Steamworks Mash Up

This box includes 12 of your favourite Steamworks beers, including their latest Winter Lager.

Purchase at Steamwork's Liquor Store or at selected BC liquor stores



Gintonica's Australian Gin Advent Calendar

This calendar includes 24 x 50ml craft gins provided by 21 distillers, plus cocktail instructions.

Purchase online here 

Spinnakers Advent Calendar

4 of their traditional brews, 4 seasonal creations and 4 of their North West holiday feature blends.

Purchase in-store or call for your local stockist.




Virgin's Wine Advent Calendar

If a picture is worth a thousand words what do you have to say about this sharp video?? This calendar includes 24 single serve wine bottles to pique your interest. 

Purchase online here.

Honorable mentions:

- Doan's Happy Pack box
- New District's Wine Advent Calendar 
- Aldi's Wine Calendar
- Honest Brew's Craft Beer Calendar as pictured in header!

Did these boozy boxes inspire you? Did your favorite Advent Calendar make the list? If not, reach out and let us know! If you're thinking of making your own Advent Calendar next year, make sure you've got the bottle shots to show them off! 

Lucy Armstrong