Invest in your wine images

Utilizing technology will be the best thing to help you sell more wine. 

Organizing your finances is no small task. Whether you deal with a tax agent, accounts department or have your kitchen table covered in paperwork tackling the good old method of DIY, we know the bottom line matters.

Upfront costs can be surprising, but you know the value of a good investment. We're here to show you what digital photography could mean for you and your winery. If you've been busy planning the production side of your business, why not look at smart financial descision in the marketing department too?

Small Talk Faux Pas by

Small Talk Faux Pas by

1. What will I use these images for?

Your product images are there when you or your product can't be. This means these images are integral for both your online, social media and marketing presence. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's stopping you from making your bottle shine? Check out that previous post here.

Unlike traditional photography, that can create a lack of consistency amongst product ranges, digital photography will produce the same quality shot time and time again. 

Small Talk range by

Small Talk range by

2. How long will I use these images for?

Every winery will be different, but we've got a general algorithm to show you. Working in the Alcohol industry for 10 years helps us answer questions like these! For example...

... let's say that you currently have 12 wines in your portfolio. In terms of costs you'd be looking at:

  • Traditional photography: $99+/bottle (add shipping and loss of bottles)
  • Outshinery: $79/bottle* for the first year, $49/update in the following years (to reflect your new vintages)

*This is taking advantage of Outshinery's 3-tiered price plan: the more bottles you orders the cheaper it gets! (1 to 5 bottles: $99/product; 6 to 11 bottles: $89/product; 12 and more: $79/product)

Over the next four years, you'd spend at least $4,472 with a traditional photographer (+ shipping!), compared to $2,844 with Outshinery.

By 2020, you would be saving $1,628 by having used a digital approach to product photography with Outshinery!

3. What other benefits can I gain from digital photography?

Hands down: consistency!
That's the beauty of 100% online photography. From the comfort of your computer you can organize bottle shots in a snap (or before your wine is even bottled!)

The other advantages are:

  • Optimized images for web and print
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Free online storage (we'll host your images so that you don't loose or misplace any file)
  • Angled beauty shots (the perfect hero image for social media and ads)
  • And so much more!

Checkout what investment we are talking of for YOUR brand: use our handy online calculator to get a quick estimate of costs and savings.

Lucy Armstrong