Mailchimp launches Facebook ads

The quirky company best known for their newsletter email platform, has shared that their mission is to go way beyond that. And we say, full speed chimps!

Mailchimp's launch of integrated Facebook Ads is great news for small businesses. It means the platform we know and love is expanding to a holistic marketing platform. Our minds exploded! Think integrated marketing data, customer profiles, order insights, product images, segmented lists with Facebook ads! It's all very exciting right? 

In a recent press release, Mailchimp's CEO, Ben Chestnut, announced "It’s not an email platform, it’s not a newsletter tool—it’s the thing that helps them [businesses] look more professional. That insight gave us a feeling of liberation. We don’t just have to do email. So we began talking to customers with that in mind”."  

Mailchimp's Facebook ad interface

Mailchimp's Facebook ad interface

The launch also means that Mailchimp, which currently has around 15 million customers, could soon be competing with customer-relationship-management platforms like Salesforce and AdobeThe good news for you, it sounds like they're targeting small business rather than enterprise!   

This launch means we may finally have a platform with all our marketing data in one place.

VP of Product Marketing, John Foreman said “Using MailChimp’s intelligent segmentation to target recent customers or active subscribers, businesses can quickly create lookalike audiences in Facebook. There’s no more guessing at who to target your ads to. We integrate with Facebook’s data science models to make customer acquisition smart and easy.”

If you're a Mailchimp user and you've connected your eCommerce platform, you can see not only metrics like engagement and clicks, but also what you’ve sold, how many customers you’ve acquired, and what your revenue numbers are.

So why don't you check out the video below and see how this could positively affect your business?