What is a digital bottle shot?

Bottle shot (noun):
An irresistible photo of a wine or beer bottle that looks so good* people have to buy it. 

You did it. The fruit of your labor is on the table and you're ready to share your work with the world. Only problem is, while you feel like kicking back and catching your breath... you know you're not done yet! 

... next comes the online store, marketing and social. And that means you need graphics to help you sell this beauty!

We can hear your frown and scoffing frustrations from here! Whether you've organized a photographer before or not, we know the quotes, shipping and waiting times can be unbearable. Or if you're confident with your camera, the location set up and editing can take countless hours out of your week.

Now picture leaving these hassles behind.

  1. Place your order on Outshinery.com
  2. Fill out a short questionnaire
  3. Upload your label

and let a dedicated, highly-specialized team take care of it all! 

* "good" can be swapped with verbs; enticing, professional, stunning, beautiful, exceptional, superior, wonderful, tasty, sublime or refined.

Click play to discover how a digital bottle shot is made. 

Why do I need a bottle shot?

1. Because seeing is believing
Product photography plays a significant factor in the success of sales and marketing for businesses' in-store and online platforms. When your products can't physically be there, you better hope your images shine just as well. 

2. Because visual content is king
With the extension of websites and social media, there are now countless platforms where you need photos. Putting your best foot forward doesn't start and end with your product. The look of your brand is key to communicate and convert your customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

3. Because consistency says more than words
This factor is integral to all businesses. From service through to expectation, you better expect your customers are judging you on your images. Don't let them hurt your sales.

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If you could order bottle shots without shipping, hiring photographers or editing for web, what's holding you back? Plus, with your first shot free, there's even more reason to make your bottles shine! Choose your team below to see what the magic is all about: