Boost your Summer sales with Social Media

Boost your Summer sales with Social Media

How can you sell more using Facebook, Instagram and social media? 

By now, you have realized the value of great photography. You understand that making great wine, and beer, is crucial, but not enough in this day and age. You have to beat the jungle drums and get the world excited about your offering in person, in store and online!

In 2017 one the easiest ways to connect with your customers and put your product top of mind is with social media!

Here is the equation we work by:

Online presence + customer engagement =
loyal customers + sales

Here's where you start:

1. Content, content, content.

A marketer's best friend is a library of product photos, videos, user-generated content... the more, the merrier! Buzzsumo reports that Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without².

Here's a short list to consider for where your images might be coming from:

The sweet spot is right in the middle! 

The sweet spot is right in the middle! 

Ask yourself: 

  • Are my tight deadlines compromising the quality of my brand?
  • Would dedicating more dollars to my marketing assets lead to more sales? 
  • Is doing it all myself really the best use of my time and skill set?

Depending on how you answered those questions, you may want to discover new efficient and cost-effective ways to re-boot your approach to content creation.

2. Refine + repeat your message!

Once you have your imagery, it's time to define your message and your story! Possible angles for this season are: behind-the-scenes with the team, customers' experience at the tasting room, summer recipes to pair with your libations... the list goes on!

Let's use an example to make it more concrete. When you think of summer: the memory of sunny beaches and firework celebrations come to mind. What if you could showcase your product in that context?

Social posts using Outshinery's Summer Social templates.

Now, here is the catch: for every post you share on Facebook, chances are only a quarter of your followers will see the post on their newsfeed; for Instagram it all depends on time of the day and algorithms... The solution? Repeat your message. 

Use pre-built templates to slightly tweak your key graphic with the same message to keep your feed looking fresh! Increase your chances to be seen, and remembered without looking like a spammer!

3. Schedule + engage

Every good marketer knows the value in scheduling content. Regardless of which platform works best for you (at Outshinery we use: Hootsuite, Later and Google Doc), the goal of scheduling is to both save you time and ensure your content is being seen.

Our top tips would be:

  • Share your blog content at least twice a week on social. Pull out different quotes or alternate leading images to keep interest for loyal readers.
  • Test optimum post times. We've had success posting at transit times. If you're located in a densely populated location, it might be worth posting when all your competitors are asleep to stand out! Test, check, improve and repeat!
  • Reply to comments and questions right away. While people realize you are busy and human, they are reaching out to you, expressing interest. This is by far the best stage to engage with your fans and have them commit to your brand! Make sure someone on your team has turned on their notifications for every single channel of communication.

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