What is 100% online photography?

When Steve Jobs told us he was combining the iPod, phone and Internet we all gasped. When I first watched how the Outshinery team made a bottle shot, I cheered.

As a professional photographer I probably should have been in fear but as a designer I knew this was revolutionary. 100% online photography isn’t a "drag and drop" system. It’s a digital construction of paper stock, textures and the shape of a product. It reacts to light, location and liquid as if it were being shot in a photo studio right in front of you. 

Shameless Hussy Rose Wine

Shameless Hussy Rose Wine

If you’re one of the 500,000 subscribers on Youtube’s How it’s Made channel we know you’re going to enjoy the clip below. It may even be the moment when the Outshinery spark hits you because when I watched this video my expression went a little like this!

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