What do these three images have in common?

We live in a visual age, where what you see is what you buy! What are the big guys doing to get the good shots? And how you can do the same?

You may be surprised that none of the three images above were taken with a camera.

Regardless how you take a photo it is whether or not you capture your customer's attention that is important. Ask yourself:

“Looking at this image... Can my customer imagine my product in their hand or in their fridge?

At Outshinery, we sometimes get asked "will my customers know the photo isn't real?". The answer: "very unlikely". Let us explain three reasons why it wouldn't matter, even if they do.

#1- Appearances are everything. Your customers don't need to know how an image is made, but they need your front stage to sparkle! Let's have a look outside the Alcohol industry, and check other well-established brands like RolexChanel and M&MsThey are ALL using digital photography (also known as 3D imagery). 

#2- Consistency is the key to success. (It's not just your local coffeeshop that needs to nail down every single latte!) When reading your website or brochure: customers will first judge your brand by its images. (We know this can be painful to hear... but bear with us!)  Changes in lighting, angle, sizing and more, create confusion and invite suspicion in terms of quality. Instead, consistent photography makes your brand timeless and trustworthy.

Rolex's website uses exclusively digital images for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Rolex's website uses exclusively digital images for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

#3- Colors can't lie. We've all raised an eyebrow when seeing reviews of fashion items that arrive in a different color or homewares items that look 1m tall but are 30cm in the description. Don't let it happen to you! Did you know that the muted green color of a wine bottle is particularly hard to photograph? Make sure the final photo represents what the product is in real-life and avoid any unwarranted shattering reviews.

To conclude, if "fake digital images" are the go-to for the Rolex and Chanel of this world, wouldn't you think it's good enough for you too?

You know it yourself: the better a product looks,
the more likely you are going to buy it! 

Outshinery is bringing this innovative service from the big guys to you: the breweries, wineries and distilleries that mean business. 

first shot is free. Seeing is believing!