How to make your best nine on Instagram

As the year comes to an end it's time to reflect on the last twelve month's work, family and wine time. If you've noticed an influx of #bestnine posts on your Instagram feed, follow these quick steps to generate your own year in review.

1. Head to, a dedicated platform that does the dirty work and creates your photo collage with ease

2. Type your handle in and click 'get'. Note if your profile is on private you will need to temporarily set your profile to public to use this platform

3. Enjoy! Your top liked posts of 2017 will be collaged together in one image ready to share on social

One factor we will note is that #bestnine is curated on 'like' metrics which we'd put under a 'vanity' tab in the marketing report. While it's fun to see your top nine, don't go completely changing your social strategy to focus on likes!

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MarketingLucy Armstrong