Bringing whimsy and life to your brand!

You should never cry over spilt milk, but given the chance to awe over an exploding wine bottle (sans danger or clean up), we've got just the video for you!

The digital team and I love working with clients that challenge customer experiences! There is no better way to use our digital craftsmanship to produce original and engaging content. Andre Hueston Mack, owner of Mouton Noir, is definitely one of those clients.

From the very first collaboration, we've pushed a unique visual experience within the wine industry: fun and dramatic animations of his products. Take a look below!

Using an array of different software, I was able to simulate the breaking glass and liquid flow coming out of his iconic "O.P.P" Bottle. Then we had Alex, our music composer, add a cheeky soundtrack to complete the look-and-feel of the video.

Andre discovered that such an unexpected storyline created a huge emotional response and excitement with his followers and customers!

@youknowmouton Instagram followers engaging with the new video

@youknowmouton Instagram followers engaging with the new video

This is a great example of Outshinery creating outstanding brand assets in line with the brand's motto. It's been so much fun (and rewarding) to show off the playful conversation Andre has instilled in all of his wines for Mouton Noir.

I thrive in creating visuals that go out with a bang!

Sometimes I do so literally! hahaha! See below to understand what I mean...

Wish you could showcase your brand in such a way? Trust your bottle would be more glamorous than any A-list actor? Fancy a seat in the director's chair?

Now you can! We work with an amazing group of winery owners, marketers and salespeople in the industry who use animation to make their bottle shine. Tell us what you have in mind.

Curious to see what other amazing stuff we can do with your bottle? Go no further.

Note: All of the video examples above were created by Outshinery


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