Time to ditch the discounts

Learn how to make marketing campaigns using personalized content to lead your customers to the check out page faster than a black friday Best Buy sale. 

We're here to help you break away from creating a discount, coupon or sale for your business. Let's be honest... it's going to decrease your long term sales unless used wisely! A huge spike of sales or shrew of new customers may look good on the daily sales charts but discounts create a product perception of lesser value. It seems like a great incentive but ask yourself, why would you want your product to appear cheaper? Once you train your customers to buy with a discount, they won't buy without it. 

Here's 5 actions we'd take instead:

1. Add value  

Treat your customers with extra value, instead of a discount. It's easy to confuse the two approaches but once you understand how to sell "added value", you'll be attracting customers that will help you grow! For instance; start a marketing campaign that runs for the next 7 days. Advertise that every customer whom purchases your wine will get a complimentary hand written gift card or additional bottle of wine.

  • The key; instead of offering 50% off, offer "buy one get one free". Side note: for increased effectiveness, add a time limit so people won't want to miss out on the additional value. 
Banner ad on wine.telegraph.co.uk

Banner ad on wine.telegraph.co.uk

2. Reward loyalty

Your ecommerce platform should give you basic data on your customers. Use repeat customers, high spends or gift purchases to reward your existing customers in hopes they order again... and again. Rather than promoting a discount, you are thanking your customers for their order. For example; include a print insert with a clear and well presented message that reads: thank you for your order! Here's $10 towards your next order, just incase you wanted to add something else to your cart! Check out our favourite Aussie skincare's thank you note

  • The key; remember you're talking to someone who has already supported you, you've got the chance to celebrate that their order has arrived and say thank you!

Put your product in the picture, but do it from the comfort of your computer screen.

Morgan Winery Valentine's Day Campaign. Image made by  Outshinery

Morgan Winery Valentine's Day Campaign. Image made by Outshinery

3. Engage with seasonal imagery

Swap the expected "Valentines gifts here" for a photo amongst the roses. Your customer is looking to set the scene so rather than tell them, show them!

  • The key; put your product in the picture. Brand recognition, label design or even the color of your wine should be repetitive in your imagery. If you haven't got time to set up a photoshoot yourself, and trust us, we've been there, try a styled image from Outshinery. Put your product in the picture, but do it from the comfort of your computer screen.  

4. Check your target market

More often than not, a company has not clarified their 'personas' or target market. Using your facebook and google analytics will give you the data to identify at least two personas. Understanding their goals, interests and upcoming events can provide pivotal information for marketing towards them.

  • The key; give your target market a name, like Jason, and devise how to target Jason personally. You might find that pushing last minute Valentines wine orders is just the message Jason was thinking about this week. 
Elephant Island campaign.

Elephant Island campaign.

5. Free Shipping

We'll admit, free shipping is almost a requirement for ecommerce retail platforms. Studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase a product for $5 with free shipping over a $2.50 product with $2.50 shipping.
The key; increase your product price to cover shipping. It's a hidden cost, but the value of free shipping will always hit a cord with your customer.

We'll admit practising "no discount" marketing is easier said than done. In fact, we catch ourselves suggesting the idea in proposals from time to time. However it is with this information in mind that we spin our offers towards adding value and personalized efforts. It's time to fuel your marketing efforts too. Stop offering discounts and attracting bottom line customers. Start adding value and attracting long term customers! You've put so much effort making your product, it's time to make it shine.