Women & craft beer

Happy (belated) Women's Day, y'all!

We are so filled with inspiration, love, power, and gratitude to be surrounded by great women who are our co-workers, suppliers, and clients daily. Every day feels like a women's day!

Here are 5 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

1. Inbox of forgotten emails. Those funny, embarrassing, emotional nuggets that never got sent.

2. You may want to marry my husband. 

3. A thoughtful question and article: Will millennials ever retire? At this moment in life, I don't think I ever could. What about you?

4. How to break your phone addiction: “46% of young adults would prefer to have a broken bone than a broken phone.”

5. Last and not at all the least, loving this infographic about woman and craft beer. Here's an awesome fact:

In ancient civilizations, women brewed for their families and sold of the excess to others nearby. Beer in Ancient Egypt was almost solely produced and sold by women, and when the U.S. was first colonized women were the primary brewers. Producing beer made from ingredients like corn, oats, wheat, and honey. Brewing didn’t become a male dominated industry until the Industrial Revolution, when the potential business opportunities were realized.
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