Small wineries make up 67% of DTC sales

The Wines & Vines 2016 report* indicated Direct-To-Consumer shipments in America increased more than 17% in volume and valued over $2.33 billion last year.

With small to medium sized wineries taking over 67% of that pie, what is your winery doing to improve its DTC sales?

Wines and Vines magazine reported a steady increase throughout the last six years for DTC wines. But why did we suddenly see a growth of 18.5% since 2013?

  • Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Indiana saw legal changes that opened the states to DTC. Within that short window, Pennsylvania has already swept in at 23rd in volume.
  • The average bottle price for DTC rose from $36.56 to $38.69
  • Increase demand for reds; Pinot Noir comes in second, behind Cabernet Sauvignon.

* Preview was prepared with data generated jointly by ShipCompliant and Wines Vines Analytics. Read more here

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Lucy Armstrongmarketing, Wine