Against the Grain

Louisville's brewpub Against the Grain is not shy to the fact that they brew world-class beer. But it's not just phenomenal taste that make their beers rank top 100 in the world.

“How it looks is gonna sell it. We have a very good reputation, but I think if we had ugly labels, we wouldn’t have the reputation, even though our beer is phenomenal.”*
— Sam Cruz, ATG owner

The iconic labels you'd recognise distributed throughout the U.S, Western Europe, Poland and Russia, are designed by Robby Davis. With 15 bottled beer designs to date, Davis is usually briefed with a product name, tasting notes and ingredients, but is then left to do what he does best - create. 

When Davis got in contact with Outshinery, you can only imagine the excitement we had!!! Just press play below to get an idea!

What you just watched is an animated label shot for Against The Grain's Saison, "Coq de la Marche" : a very unique Outshinery service.

Animated product shots are incredibly eye-catching. They make your product stand out while celebrating your packaging.

While a rooster winking at you is all good stuff, the brewery also needed to get the basics covered. Outshinery also delivered a regular a single can shot and a 4-pack image. Those are perfect for distributor listings, online, tasting notes and so much more!

Now, who could resist the allure of this good looking brew?!

What if you were to make your very own beer to shine and delight your customers in the process? Give Outshinery a try, the first image is free.