Designing a Global Small Business

Mark McGuinness

Mark McGuinness

Episode 3 of Mark McGuinness’ podcast, "The 21st century creative”, is out and is featuring yours truly!

A couple of years ago, Mark was my creative coach. He helped clarify the value I provide to my clients, and was right here encouraging me when I got the inkling of an idea that is now Outshinery. I’m forever grateful for his positive impact on my life and career. 

In this one hour interview, we discuss how I took an a round-the-world tip and spent time in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii, Mexico and other countries. And not only did I manage to keep running my existing design business from my laptop, I designed and created an entirely new business – Outshinery.

"Stay small, go global" - episode 4, the 21st century creative podcast

The team is spread across 3 continents and 4 office spaces, but use technology and teamwork to get things done together. 

If you’re curious about how it all works, I hope you’ll find this interview an eye-opening and inspiring conversation.