Cheat sheet: the bottle shot

We always get asked, what would I use a bottle shot for? And we'll always say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so why wouldn't you want your bottle to shine online like it does in store?

Now imagine your bottle shot; four ways.

We caught up with Simon Solis-Cohen, Marketing & Wine Club Manager at Mi Sueño Winery, to assist with their celebrations for the winery's 20th anniversary.

“As a small winery, we do not have the budget to hire a photographer every time we have a new release. This is a cost effective and honestly better quality way to get bottle shots and stylized photos.”
— Simon Solis-Cohen, Marketing & Wine Club Manager Mi Sueño Winery

Want to see how Simon used Outshinery's images across the Mi Sueño brand?

1. For eCommerce

Consistent bottle shots make for an optimal shopping experience. It also creates buyer confidence in your range. Imagine if one of your images was shot in a poorly lit room with no clarity of the label? Would your customer see its value next to your other bottles?

Or, does the consistent sizing, lighting and clarity add a sense of familiarity and professionalism they can't deny? We'll let you decide!

2. For trade material

High-quality images let your product shine in print and online. When it comes to press releases, award season, tasting notes or even in store events, we know what pictures we're using to make a good impression! 

3. For social media

Show off your portfolio lineup or the perfect dinner setting to spark the imagination of your online audience. When a picture is worth a thousand words, don't let the frustration of capturing the moment stop your bottle from shining, or your event invitation standing out in a newsfeed.

4. For advertising

Lifestyle photos entice spontaneous purchases or remind loyal customers when it's time to stock up. With a library of images on hand, the only question is which one you'll use next!

There’s no wrong way to use dazzling bottle images... but these are especially worthwhile!

Whether it's in print, on your homepage or on your customer's newsfeed, your product makes a visual impression that needs to look sharp. Want to see your very own bottle shot? Click here to enjoy your first test shot for free!