Meet our team

Behind the beautiful bottle shots, hilarious social media commentary and friendly customer service, you'll find five remote creatives working across three time zones in five locations around the world. 

As explained in a previous post, this is no obstacle for the Outshinery team. But when the summer season graced us all with its good vibes, we opted to shorten our work week to 4 days and make the most of it! 

Who said office life has to be boring?!?

some ventured on a European safari through the Scandinavian woods, the Spanish sunshine and the south of France.

I discovered over the summer how much I love to travel and working on my company. Clocking at 11 plane trips and 6 different country visits in a little over 2 months: this is a new record of mine!
I am also super grateful that I can work anywhere I want to be, with decent internet, and that I can count on my team for when I’m not reachable!
— Laurie, Founder & Game Changer at Outshinery

while some released their inner "Katniss" and worked their "urban green thumb" skills in Brooklyn.

The movie title of my summer: City slicker in the wild. I tried so many things for the first time: foraging in the wood, fishing in the sea, archery, gardening, and being more in touch with nature.
I learned that mosquitos love me and I don’t love them back, that seeing my little garden growing bring an indefinite amount of joy, that knowing where my food comes from forever changed the way I eat, that I still love my concrete jungle and not going anywhere else soon!
— Tra, Sunshine Officer at Outshinery

yet others became accomplished bakers and interior designers, and still found the time to relax by the beach in Vietnam.

My favorite part of this summer was to spend quality time on the beach. It was nice to step away from the desk and to enjoy nice weather (and eating tons of seafoods!).
— Phung, Chief Digital Polisher at Outshinery

meanwhile, some soaked in the sun's rays, turned into a mermaid and snapped delicious photos of food...

Being away from home made me realize how valuable time with friends and being near the ocean are to holding a clear state of mind. I’m still trying to acclimatize to swimming in glacier water but I’m sure I’ll get there... eventually.
— Lucy, Content Manager at Outshinery

others even packed up and headed east to explore BC & Alberta's National Parks by foot (and bike...and canoe...).

With the warm summer days being so short-lived, my partner and I agreed to spend as many days as we could adventuring in our own backyard. We’ve taken in countless hikes, gone stand-up paddle boarding, biking and even did a 3-day canoe trip on the Columbia River!
— Keltie, Minister of Business Expansion at Outshinery

Tell us: what did you and your team get up to this summer? 

Onto Fall we go!

Lucy Armstrong