Mikkeller's batch brews (update!)

It's been nine months since Mikkeller San Diego kicked off their goal to release at least one batch brew every week. But why release just one a week?! The talented team is celebrating their 48 releases with a 3 month Beer Mail giveaway*! We're celebrating too with over ninety bottle shots delivered and shared on social.

For our regular readers, you'll know Mikkeller beer was one of our early clients. Our team at Outshinery has been producing their bottle shots over the last year and with no sign of slowing down! Want to see how Mikkeller use their bottle shots and animated labels to market a new release?

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then we can confirm Art Director Keith Shore has been a very busy man! Our team has a certain sweet spot for his label designs.

So, why does Mikkeller Brewery opt for Outshinery instead of traditional product photography? Because it is:

  • Super fast (can be done before the beer is even canned!)
  • Consistent across your range
  • Web and social media ready

*details for Beer Mail in post below.

Want to try it out yourself? Bonus: your first bottle shot is free! Just click the button below.