Leverage Your Beverage: video content

Our Chief Amazement Officer Laurie Millotte was asked to share her insider knowledge on Brewbound Voices. Brewbound is a leading trade publication housing comprehensive information about the beer world.

Here is the first actionable step you can take today to get started.

1- Tease your fans with video content.

Marketing a new beer is challenging!

As a creative director in the alcohol industry, I have experienced this first hand. You may have created the most unique beer in the world... but how do you communicate it to a wide audience?

With 3 in 4 consumers planning their alcoholic beverage purchase ahead of time, there is incredible value in being (and staying) top of mind… Beer drinkers are an especially tricky bunch to market to, because 70% of them will choose which particular product to buy when shopping (vs. 58% for other fast-moving consumer goods).

The epic battle of our generation is between the status quo of mass and the never-ceasing tide of weird.
— Seth Godin in the book We Are All Weird: The Rise of Tribes and the End of Normal

Knowing this, relevant imagery should be key in your marketing and activation efforts. By leveraging visual storytelling, you help consumers “recall” your product in stores and directly influence their purchase decision.

Arouse interest in all of the things your brewery has going on by building hype: get fans excited before your latest beer is available, tease them with details about an upcoming event, or show the makings of your new swag. The goal is to get people curious and talking about your brand!

Threes Brewing leveraged an eye-catching video to announce a major beer award. By animating the label of their Vliet Pilsner in a short looping clip, they were able to capture the attention of their followers so that their achievement didn’t go unnoticed.

Videos are known to improve engagement, and social media platforms are favoring this type of media above anything else. What’s more, you can repurpose video content in an email marketing campaign. Expect to see a drastic increase in your click rate - sometimes up to 300%!

How do you produce video content with limited time and resources?

Empower your staff to help you.

Have them take their own photos or videos and tag you. Even better, encourage them to create Instagram Stories that can be uploaded to the company account. Remember to run over your branding strategy and guidelines first. Showcasing positive interactions with your brand is invaluable... and it’s FREE!

By adding faces and voices to your brand you trigger emotion and connections with your audience. Check out Category 12's merry Instagram video below or the video above by Frothy Beard Brewing Co. showcasing a clever interview technique!

Instagram Stories are an effective tool to stay top of mind.

They are the perfect way to deepen your connection with consumers, and can be used to highlight your products, events and reviews. Stories are also a useful means of recognizing partners, sponsors and influencers while remaining authentic in the eyes of your audience.

Ecliptic Brewing's Instagram stories

Ecliptic Brewing's Instagram stories

Ecliptic Brewing recently used their Instagram Stories to build engagement and highlight their brand personality. Their story featured a gallery of funny photos taken at a local cycling event that wrapped up in their tap room. This was a great way of showcasing their sense of humor and community engagement in Portland.

This post is a three part series in collaboration with Brewbound.com

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