BC Craft Brewers Guild Happy Hour

Outshinery is thrilled to have hosted the very first Happy Hour for British-Columbia Craft Brewers Guild's members!

In this friendly learning environment, Laurie shared marketing insights particularly relevant to breweries. The short presentation titled "Leverage your beverage with visual storytelling," introduced 3 actionable steps breweries can take today to ramp up their marketing efforts. 

Photo credits: @michael.ross.photo

1- Tease your fans with video content

Arouse interest in all of the things your brewery has going on by building hype!
Videos are well-known to improve engagement, and social media platforms are favouring this type of media above anything else. 

2- Make your packaging do its job with quality bottle shots

Do justice to the care you put in your brew and packaging: only use quality pack shots! Having beautiful, up-to-date and easy to access images of your products
Does make your life in sales considerably easier!

3- Let your fans spread the love

According to a Forrester study: for people under 40, 70% of the content they read online has been written by somebody they know! Chances are you have a tribe that loves you and is already capturing their experiences with your brews. Why not make the most of it?

Laurie's advice is to build a bigger story. Invest marketing dollars in strong imagery and yield some of the biggest returns for your business! 

Visual storytelling enables your product to stand out and be remembered at the moment of purchase.

Here's the truth though: sometimes thinking of content ideas is exhausting! We hear you.

To help you spark ideas and conversations with your team, make sure to download the PDF. It’s simple, readily actionable and easy to make.

We'd like to thank our good friends at: 

  • BC Craft Brewers Guild for letting us share our marketing wisdom with their members

  • Suite Genius for hosting us in their brand new event space

  • Steamworks and follow attendees for supplying lots of delicious beers for us to try!

Do you own or work at a brewery based in British Columbia?
If yes, consider becoming a member today and join other BC breweries creating truly great beer. The Guild hosts various events throughout the year including our favorite Craft Beer Week and the Craft Brewing Awards!