Wine Ecommerce: How to improve traffic to your online store

Congratulations! You have a wine store, but what are you doing to ensure your wine sales hit their target?

Now that you’ve got your website, inventory and automated email notifications up and running it’s time to look at the details to ensure your sales deliver and grow.

According to the 2018 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report, D2C shipping continues to be the leading retail channel and there are two primary reasons for this growth:

  • There is more demand for direct online retail

  • Wine sales account for 65% of the 2017 online liquor sales

So what can you do to stand out online?

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words

    Clear and evocative images attract customers and customers attract sales. Don’t wait for a photographer or your cousin with the new iphone to ensure you have a library of images ready to go. With services like Outshinery you can select your backdrop in seconds, explore bespoke animations and export HR and LR with the click of a button.

2. Pay to play

Online marketing is now a full time job but if you’re jugglying all the hats of your business we’ve got a quick checklist to hold close.

  1. Define your goal

    Successful businesses set goals. As a business owner, it's important you take the time to set targets, review your business regularly, and communicate with your team.

    Read more here ‘How to set SMART goals’.

  2. Have a library of images on hand

    Use your time wisely. When it comes to images, you don’t have time for subpar quality.

  3. Test, report, improve

    You can test out what type of content engages your followers organically; from bottle shots to lifestyle images, tasting notes and vineyard snaps. Put your money into play and start seeing the results in the thousands.

  4. Schedule ahead

3. Stay top of mind

Schedule, set and don’t forget! Nowadays business owners must wear all the hats when it comes to making and selling their wine. You might not be a marketing expert but if you don’t have a social media staff member, you can get by with a little determination and a handy guide from our team! (plug OND calendar)

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