3 ways your Bottle Shots should boost your wine and beer online sales

What is a Bottle Shot?

A Bottle Shot is a straightforward image of your wine or beer product on a plain or transparent background. It is the standard picture ID of your product that gets reused over and over again on your website, in wine catalogs, marketing materials, sales brochures, and more.

Raw Vino's Commerce7 'Shop' Page

Raw Vino's Commerce7 'Shop' Page

When utilized correctly, high-quality Bottle Shots can help drive traffic to your online shop and boost ecommerce wine sales in the following ways:

1. Bottle Shots are your online shopper’s first impression of your brand

On average, it only takes a fraction of a second to form an opinion strong enough for a shopper to determine if they’re interested in further browsing your portfolio. 67% of ecommerce shoppers say that product image is “very important” in their purchase decision, even more so than product description (54%) or ratings and reviews (53%). Just like in real life, online first impressions are crucial, and a well put-together appearance enables trust in your brand.  

Raw Vino says it best:

As an online wine retailer, we don’t have the benefit of a tasting room or in-person experience. This makes high-quality imagery as a means of showcasing our products an especially critical component in our website design; something on which we simply weren’t willing to compromise.
— Josh Jacobsen, Founder, Raw Vino

In the absence of a staff member to talk up your wine, it's imperative that your Bottle Shot sets a good impression on your website.


2. Bottle Shots acquire new search traffic for your website

Using simple to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, Bottle Shots can be used as an acquisitional tool for bringing potential customers to your website. For example, alt tags and title tags are small pieces of text that can be added to the file information of images on the internet to help Google (and other search engines) to sort through them. When your Bottle Shots are correctly tagged with proper descriptions and keywords, you increase your chances of ranking (showing up) highly in search engines.

3. Bottle Shots help move shoppers through your online sales funnel

Did you know that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive?  Bringing a shopper to your website is only the tip of the iceberg. Once you have them through your digital “doors”, you still have to convince them to make a purchase.  A good ecommerce platform optimizes for visual appeal. Encourage online shoppers to move through your sales funnel by delighting them with beautiful images and minimal distractions.  

As the next generation of our family business comes into the fold, we felt it was time to invest in a better ecommerce and DtC experience. On our new site, we’ve upgraded our platform to Commerce7 for a better look and feel, and to leverage the awesome images we receive from Outshinery.  This approach allows our customers to visualize our story, instead of just reading it, helping them to feel more connected with our brand and the people that make it special.
— Morgan Hoxsey, National Sales Manager, Ghost Block Winery

So, how do I get a great Bottle Shot?

At Outshinery, we’ve devised a method for creating picture-perfect Bottle Shots every time. Using Hollywood-inspired 3D technology and CGI (computer generated imagery) software, we are able to create any product image in a perfectly controlled digital environment, offering you consistency and brilliant results, time and time again. Your bottles need to be visually appealing if your website is to succeed at generating online sales, and Outshinery is here to help. Try us out with a FREE test shot.


For an in-depth guide on how to use Bottle Shots to drive ecommerce sales, check out our new Outshinery Playbook.

We explore exactly why it is so difficult to photograph wine and beer bottles and break down the anatomy of a perfect bottle shot.

We also offer digital marketing tips and actionable steps on how to merchandise your ecommerce wine or beer store, how to tag your images to increase discoverability by search engines, and suggest more creative visual alternatives to Bottle Shots including Beauty Shots and Lifestyle Images.