How to plan your summer seasonal marketing campaign

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You know the emotion that arises when you hear the song ❄️Let it Snow in July 🏖️? It feels out of place and for many of us, frustrating and annoying.

Instead you want the sound of waves crashing or beachy bongo drums, tunes with a surfer vibe. Or at least the silence of a tucked-away hammock on a summer afternoon.

Your customers feel the same way.

Timely visuals and messages put your product in the thick of where they are right now and (perhaps more importantly) where they want to be.

It's not enough to just say it, or assume it:

Content with visuals gets 94% more views than words alone!
— Kevin Allen, PR Daily

When you use Lifestyle Images featuring your products, on social media and beyond, you make your band relevant in consumers' minds.

Emotional content (such as dreamy #FridayFeeling images) is 9 times as effective at driving sales as content that isn't emotionally evocative.

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You've the power to break the mindless scroll and turn your viewers into buyers. Dazzle them with bottles waiting on the dock or sitting by the pool. Tempt them with bottles peeking from picnic baskets or chilling by the grill.

Leverage social visibility to your advantage: 60% of users discover new products on Instagram. And get this: 75% take action after viewing a brand's post. That action could be a click over to your website or better yet, an online buy!

Get ideas and make it work for you: check out Outshinery fresh collections of Lifestyle Images inspired by meals to share, travel, and the lure of shimmering water under summer sun.


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Stay on track this summer

Easy on the eye and actionable. This 2019 printable marketing calendar will help you achieve your most effective summer marketing campaign ever.

Find reminders, hashtag suggestions, and turnkey plans to deliver your most effective summer marketing campaign ever.