A note for Water Day

Starting my own company, Outshinery, meant I had the opportunity to ingrain my core values into the business.

Who would have thought a childhood fascination with water would lead me to where I stand know?

Do you remember debating with your friends at recess, which of the coolest animals out there you'd you like to be turned into? Typical answers involved: dogs, horses and dolphins. When the list was exhausted, I would drop the mic with: “water droplet.”

Disapproval: this not even an animal.*

But think of it for a minute: being a drop of water is the BEST! You get to jump from clouds, slide on umbrellas, form small creeks that turn into mighty rivers. You also get to travel the world as snowflakes, puffs of steam or powerful ocean currents.

Now, does that not look like a ton of fun!?!

I had this poster in my room: an illustrated landscape. At night, arrows in a circular shape would glow in the dark, revealing the immutable water cycle. I was in awe.

The only fright in my “being a drop of water scenario” was that I could eventually be drunk by someone and turned into pee... I wanted no part of that! I would reassure myself: it's only temporary and next step could be the Himalayas!

Years have passed since contemplating the dread of being swallowed by a thirsty human, and I’ve come to reevaluate the implication behind this basic need. See, I’ve gotten really sick in Guatemala while inadvertently drinking tap water; I’ve observed women in Bolivia walking miles every day to bring home muddy water to their families; I’ve learned how lack of access to clean water impacts people in more ways than one.

It strikes me that a glass of Tempranillo or Saison beer is only so good if you can enjoy it next to a glass of clean water, a resource that so many of us in developed countries take for granted.

So when I launched Outshinery to empower the Alcohol Industry with stunning images and videos, I also committed to donating 5% of all profits to WaterAid Canada.

When clients get their visual assets with us, they also help transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation.

Today, March 22, is Water Day. I can't think of a more perfect occasion to express our heartfelt gratitude.

Together we can make a difference in more ways than one.

* Fair point.