Leverage Your Beverage: bottle shots


This post is a three part series in collaboration with Brewbound.com

Our Chief Amazement Officer Laurie Millotte was asked to share her insider knowledge on Brewbound VoicesBrewbound is a leading trade publication housing comprehensive information about the beer world.

Here is the second actionable step you can take today to get started.

2- Make your packaging do its job with quality bottle shots.

Humans are visual creatures. Do justice to the care you put in your brew and packaging, by only using quality packshots

“Having beautiful, up-to-date and easy to access images of our products has made life in sales considerably easier. Whether I’m submitting images to help promote a product on an online store or
putting together RFP’s, visuals are a tool I use daily.”
— Oscar Pottinger, Sales Manager at Steamworks Brewing Co.

Online services like Outshinery take care of the hassle for you. They create consistent, professional images without the need for physical samples. They are perfect for breweries in a hurry, since you can get your visuals done BEFORE your product is canned or bottled.

Looking for some visual inspiration? Check out these breweries that utilize bottle shots in their social feeds:

With 100+ releases every year, Mikkeller Beers San Diego uses Outshinery to get their images produced quickly and efficiently.

How do you keep all your images and videos safe and accessible?

Once in possession of dazzling content, it’s a good idea to store it all in one place. Cloud services, like DropBox, allow you to safely store and organize all your digital assets. Your entire team is empowered and ready for all promotional opportunities that come its way. Plus, centralized online storage drastically reduces the risk of losing photos, logos, and videos.

“Having really great images of our products readily available is critical. It gets us free marketing from blogs and magazines, and the VIP treatment from our distributors. We’ve found that editors always ask to feature Round Barn before anyone else, because they know we’ll have photos ready for them the same day.”
— Heather Shelby, Marketing Manager at Round Barn Winery, Distillery & Brewery

Round Barn Brewery got a feature in Bing Magazine this holiday season by providing relevant images under 24 hours. The best free PR you can get!

There's no wrong way to use your images but...
check out our cheat sheet for the bottle shot here!