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by Keith Gribbins on

Moving labels: These next gen visuals are only one of the cool services from the creators at Outshinery

About 70 percent of consumers choose their beer at time of purchase. Kind’a crazy, right? It’s a factoid via the 2017 Craft Beer Category Design Audit, and it’s a healthy reminder that branding, design and marketing are often more important than the beer itself. I am constantly wowed by the variety of good and bad branding techniques that populate the products of the 6,000-plus breweries operating in America.

How do you stand out in all of that?

That question of prominence is encapsulated nicely in the name of Vancouver-based Outshinery. An online service dedicated to creating any visual assets a brewery or winery would need to run a thriving business — pack shots (bottles, cans, packs, poured glasses and beyond); lifestyle images (like in-context photography); and, maybe the coolest of all, product videos (including 3D animated labels that will give your brand a big differentiator).